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Dedicated to God, Dr. LaMont Turner enjoys the work of ministry. He serves as the Senior Pastor of City of God, Highway to Zion, Inc., in Edgewood, MD. Desiring academic excellence in the sacred text, he attended Graham Bible College and Grace International University. His academic achievements include a Bachelor Christian Education; a Masters degree of Theology (cum laude); a Doctorate of Divinity (cum laude). As a lifelong student, Dr. Turner also completed Phoenix University of Theology acquiring a Ph. D. in Biblical Hermeneutics (summa cum laude) and Newburgh Theological Seminary obtaining a Masters degree of Philosophy (cum laude) and a Ph. D. of Apologetics and Christian Philosophy (summa cum laude). Currently serving as a professor at Zion Theological School and Seminary, Dr. Turner has served as guest lecturer for various Theological Schools. He is the author of numerous books including Systematic Theology, The Dreamer Alive, The Moment I Worship, The Revelation of Jesus Christ and many more. Knowing his apostolic commission, he serves the Body of Christ as worshipper, lecturer, interpreter and friend.
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